Expressing yourself through Tattoos and the Sleeve Tattoo

There are many different ways to express your feelings. It is possible to do this by dressing in a certain manner, using specific words or speaking in a certain tone. Even your eye movements and facial expressions can help you to get across your true feelings. Of course, many people like to express themselves in artful ways. One way to do this is by getting ink placed onto their bodies in the form of a tattoo. This is an excellent way to express your feelings and show off your true personality. Of course, there are many different types of tattoos that you may want to consider. For starters, you can get a small arm tattoo, a neck tattoo or perhaps a sleeve tattoo.


Tattoo Sleeves

When you’re looking to get a tattoo, you may want to consider getting a sleeve. This is a much different type of tattoo that is generally larger and much more exciting than others. These tattoos are actually a combination of many smaller works of art. The smaller tattoos form a design or symbol that covers the entire arm, which is why it is commonly referred to as a sleeve. Of course, this tattoo does not have to be on the arm. It can also be placed on the leg. In general, it is usually from the elbow to the wrist or the elbow to the shoulder on the arm. On the leg, the tattoo will extend from the ankle to the knee. This will give you and the artist plenty of canvas to work with and plenty of opportunities to experiment and explore yourself.


Different Designs

When it comes to sleeves, you have a variety of different designs to choose from. The most popular is probably the tribal designs. These are very unique patterns, which provide the eye with a unique geometric pattern. It is somewhat difficult to not stare at these tattoos. Although these are very popular, they tend to be placed from the elbow to the shoulder. They’ll also sometimes extend down towards the chest. In most cases, these tattoos are made with all black ink.

Japanese Designs

If you’re looking for an all black tattoo, with a little bit of color, you’ll want to consider a Japanese sleeve. In general, these are much more hectic and crowded than the tribal tattoos and usually have many different shades of black, with color sometimes. The unique and crazy designs of the Japanese are definitely very alluring to many individuals.

Getting Tattoo Sleeves To Define Your Personality!

If you are wondering on whether a sleeve tattoo is meant for you, there are more than a few things to know right now. Tattoo sleeves are one of the coolest things to have on the body for sure, but of course, a number of considerations are mandatory in more ways than one. Tattoo sleeves are basically arm sleeves of tattoos that are usually built around a theme or design, and the size can be varied. Starting from the simplest ones that are like a patch on the shoulder to the ones that cover the complete arm, the choices are many.


Choose your artist wisely: Tattoo studios undoubtedly make a lot of money, but there is a lot of hard work that goes in making those lovely sleeves. Depending on the size and design of the tattoo, you may need to go to the studio or artists for more than a few times. Needless to mention, the expertise and experience of the tattoo artists matters to the greatest extent for sure. If you are new to the world of tattoos, take references or find the right places on Google where you can get one and be happy about the same.

Consider your options: While tattoo sleeves seem to be the most happening thing on the block, you have to consider things like workplace rules and the extent to which you want to go. In short, there are offices, where tattoo sleeves are banned, where others may be a tad more relaxed. This is where the size matters the most because you have to think on if a complete arm tattoo is what you need or a small patch is good to go.


The design, theme and color: Men and women have their own liking in colors, but easily black is the color to go by all means. However, you must consult with the tattoo studio to know the colors that would work on the skin color you have because not everything works on every skin. As for the design, there are some simple ones, while others can be really dedicated and cost you a lot. Keep in mind that some people even get a small patch and go ahead with their own ideas to complete the arm sleeve, so that’s an idea, as well.

In short, your first tattoo sleeve can be quite fun and entertaining, barring the costs and pain that comes along. Take a chance!

5 Tattoo Mistakes to Avoid – Stay Away from Tattoo Regret

No matter how well you have planned before getting your tattoo done, if it doesn’t meet your expectations it is a complete waste. Thus, there are some tattoo mistakes that should be avoided at the very initial stage before you get yourself inked.

Be in Correct State of Mind:

If you are in a wrong state of mind, avoid getting a tattoo done at that time. Don’t even think of getting inked if you are drunk, depressed or under any kind of pressure. It is not at all right if you find yourself in a tattoo studio and you hadn’t even given a thought on it a night before. This could be a shortcut to a disaster that you are going to do.


Select Right Design:

Before getting inked, it is extremely crucial to think and choose the design carefully. Moreover, the design you choose should have a meaning. Most common mistake which people make believes that they will have to select the designs from their chosen studios. You can always go with your own unique designs and the artist must be able to create the same for you.

Cheap is not always best:

A tattoo should not be something that you must get it done for a bargain as this is something that will last for a lifetime. Going for cheap tattoo studios and thinking that they will do it all right is not correct. Make sure that you select someone who has immense knowledge about this body art and has years of experience. Don’t be tempted for cheap stuff. Check the quality of the stencils used as poor stencil will ultimately lead to a poor tattoo design.


Think Practically and Long Term:

You must visualize yourself beforehand as what you will look like after wearing a tattoo. Since you are going for something that will last for a lifetime, you must avoid something silly looking. What looks great now may not look the same few years down the road. So before getting it done, think practically about the design and location of your tattoo.

Tattoo Size:

The size will depend upon its structure and the location. Consider the size of the tattoo according to the location where you want to get it inked. You should not get a tattoo done which is too small or too big for you. By considering the size beforehand one can come up with a beautiful and structured design to carry.